The Crew

I am Bernard, the skipper and owner of Med Viking. I was born in France and started sailing in the Mediterranean Sea when I was a teenager. I am married to Christina, a Viking from Sweden (do you get “Med Viking” now?). I moved to the USA in 1993 and went back into sailing around Y2K. I owe many thanks to my wife and daughter for allowing me to embark in this adventure.

Bob Kennedy

I am Bob, a.k.a the REAL Robert Kennedy. When I am not working as a slave on Med Viking, I am on our own boat “Pura Vida”, a Catalina 42 berthed next to Med Viking.

Dianna Kennedy

I am Dianna, a real California girl who grew up body surfing at the beach. I started sailing in my twenties. I sailed Lake Heroin in the seventies, I sailed in the Newport American Legion’s “Sail for the visually impaired” for eight years. I even sailed “all the way” to Anacapa island. Bob and I purchased our yacht eight years ago. Our first trip was sailing from San Diego to LA for the delivery. Since then, we have sailed about two hundred times to Catalina from LA Harbor. I can’t wait to get to Hawaii!

Marc Marois

I am Marc, the navigator. Between 1988 and 1990, I crossed the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia on my own sailboat WARP 9, a C&C 34. I am ready to go back for more on Med Viking!

Guillaume Marois

Hi! I am Guillaume. I learned all the basics about sailing very early in life from my father Marc, an experienced sailor. After proving I understood enough on a small, lake-bound boat, I started learning out at sea by making small journeys, typically day sails or trips from Newport Harbor to Catalina. When I was a teenager, I went on a few double-handed local races and on longer races such as the the Newport to Ensenada. During this time, I also attended a sailing class at Orange Coast sailing academy over the course of a summer. Because of my strong interest in everything related to sailing, I got a summer job at Windward Sailing Club in Newport Harbor for two years in a row where I learned many aspects of boat maintenance and safety. I am very much looking forward to my first big race later this year