During the night we passed the half-way mark. At that point, we were less than 1035 nautical miles (1916 km) away from the finish line.

Yesterday afternoon, Bob hand steered the boat for 6 hours straight and Bernard did it for 4 hours. It was a lot of fun to surf at 9+ knots with the kite (spinnaker) up. The spinnaker ride came to an end at 2 AM when the wind picked up too much for us to be able to steer the boat. We had to remove the spinnaker without damaging it, losing it or falling in the water. We succeeded.

While going on deck, Bernard found a pretty large (10 inch?) flying fish that had landed at the wrong place. This is one of the biggest flying fish that anyone of us had ever seen.

We got a surprise this morning when we saw a sailing boat south of us. It was very likely one of the big boats that can cover 300 miles a day. We tried to reach them on VHF but they apparently did not monitor channel 16 nor had their AIS on.

As for now the seas are too rough to fly the spinnaker so we are sailing with a poled jib at about 6 knots