A message from the Commodore

Med Viking is pre-registered in the Cruising category but there was not much information about what this exactly meant. Today, Steve Chamberlin, the Pacific Club Commodore sent an email with some information

Basically, boats in the Cruising Division are allowed to use their engine and any sail configuration. The boats are not going to be classed with the other guys (the “racers”)  but will be recognized based on some different criteria:


  • Boats in this division will not compete with the racing divisions for overall trophies.
  • There will be unique awards for this division, and they may include some or all of the following:
    • Best performance based on boat potential and completed logbook; this award is subjective and final.
    • Best menus for the voyage; only those meals served will be eligible.
    • Best overall wine list, assessing both quality and quantity.
    • Best fish caught; photographic evidence will be required.
    • Best blog.
    • Most fun passage based on logbook and other evidence.
    • Best single day passage without motor use.
    • Best half-way party based on photos, entertainment, menu and wine list.
    • Best MacGyver story.
    • Others as appropriate or not.

I think that Med Viking should be able to score a few points in some of these categories – hopefully not the MacGyver one!

We have an inspector!

Two days ago, I received an email from Sylvia Seaberg. She is the Rear Commodore/Chief Inspector, Pacific Cup Yacht Club. She wanted to know where the early entry boats are located in order to assign an inspector to each boat. Most of the boats that are going to race are located in Northern California. Sylvia initially responded that she had not sorted out the SoCal inspector issue yet.

It did not take long to soort out the situation… Today I got another email from Sylvia. She told me that our inspector is going to be Rowena Carlson “a terrific lady who has doublehanded her Cal 40 to Hawaii at least twice that I know of“.

I did not hear from Rowena yet but I am looking forward to working with her to get Med Viking ready for the big ocean crossing!

The adventure starts here!

After years of contemplating (and even attempting) to do a long voyage, I finally decided to sign-up for the 2014 edition of the Pacific Cup. The Pacific Cup is called “the FUN race to Hawaii”. The race will start from San Francisco in July 2014 and will end in Kāneʻohe bay on the West side the island of O’ahu.

The Pacific Cup is seeing as a less competitive race than the Transpac which starts from Los Angeles. The drawback for Med Viking and its crew is that it will require us to sail up wind to the San Francisco bay. The benefit is that Hawaii is a bit closer to San Francisco than it is to Los Angeles.

Our good friends and boat neighbors Bob and Dianna are already signed up to do the race. Speaking of race we are going to be in the newly (for 2014) cruising division. This is going to be all but a race for us!