Another weekend of work

Saturday morning, I took Zeev, his wife Carina and Carina’s brother visiting from Israel on a quick tour of the harbor. The wind was light and we even got some rain at the dock but like they say ” a bad day sailing is better than a good day at work”.

The new lifelines are good. The bottom of the long ones is a bit too long but that should be OK for now.

I removed the head (toilet for the non-sailors) located at the bow (front of the boat) and the holding tank. Both of them have some problems so I will need to start new. Based on online reviews, I switched from a Jabsco to a Raritan Sea Era. Hopefully this is the right decision because this is a piece of equipment that is really needed on board!


Raritan Sea Era

Raritan Sea Era

Transpac start – we have a crew!

Today was the 3rd start of the Transpac. This is a similar race to the Pacific Cup but it goes from Los Angeles to Honolulu. It is definitely a more competitive race than the Pacific Cup.

We had a nice sail with Franck, Marc and his on Guillaume. After the sail, Marc announced that Guillaume was also interested doing the whole round trip adventure. Guillaume is going to leave for Quebec at the end of August and will come back in May to take the boat to San Francisco. So it looks like we have a full crew with Bob, Dianna, Marc, Guillaume and I.

Yesterday I received the fixed lifelines and started to install them. Everything looks good so far.

Safety At Sea seminar

Yesterday, Bob, Dianna and I attended a Safety at Sea seminar organized at the Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach. At least 30% of the crew in the race must have a Safety at Sea certificate for the race (it is valid for 5 years).

We add an interesting demonstration of a liferaft in action – obviously something we do not want to have to practice during the race:

Liferaft deployed on the lawn in front of the Yacht Club

Liferaft deployed on the lawn in front of the Yacht Club

One year…

It is only one year before the start of the race.The to-do list increases instead of decreasing. This is part of the challenge!